We are Cyber Divisions

We are a global community that aims at making cybersecurity
education accessible and sowing seeds that will develop into the cybersecurity
workforce Africa needs

Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and prosper. But how?

The lack of access to educational material in communities has been the leading challenge that has kept young youth from learning and we are trying to make this challenge history by providing free educational outreaches and partnering with organizations and people like you to donate courses, scholarships and equipment to communities to help them learn and thrive with all challenges Africa faces.


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$1,150 of $0 raised

Infosec education Outreach

$170 of $22,000 raised

Education Of Things

$135 of $2,400 raised

Toys For Toddlers

$0 of $1,950 raised

Scolarships Needed

$0 of $1,250 raised

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