Sponsoring Partnership

The Cyber Divisions project is a great opportunity for your company, organization, or academic unit to showcase your support for diversity in the cyber-security workforce, your commitment to the success of technical young youths, and to recruit the bright young minds of tomorrow. Partnership opportunities are available at different levels for corporate partners, as well as academic and non-profit organizations.

Projects you can sponsor

Cyber Talk spaces

We help build and support a network of infosec learning communities by giving them access to resources, you can support this project by donating learning material,used computers,projectors or sponsor on going cyber talk space meetups in Africa.

Division |X| Conference

Hosted by Cyber Divisions, The Ignition security conference and Hackathon is Africa’s series of security events that brings together information security professionals and leaders that have a heart of passing knowledge to the next generation to train, discuss emerging cyber security trends and formulate best strategies for tackling current and future threats. This is where the next generation meets Cyber Security. The conference aims to support accessibility and diversity in cyber security, with an emphasis in supporting those from a disadvantaged background across Africa support the conference by sponsoring the Cyber Divisions Ignition conference.

Online privacy and security awareness

Spreading free Information Security awareness, online safety and privacy programmes to build cyber aware communities through out Africa to create a secure communities hence making Africa a secure place for every one to live.

Cyber Divisions Gear

Secure gear is one of our projects it involves T-shirts, stickers and different gear which we sale to raise support for the projects, you can support this project by printing and selling T-shirts on behalf of cyber divisions at conferences, also you can support by buying T-shirts or support to help us buy a printing machine.