Cyber Divisions was founded back in 2015 by Benjamin Ngobi on a foundation of information security, there wasn’t so much of information and lacked a community locally to help address the dangers that people experienced on the internet Like social engineering, cyber bullying and phishing attacks. This gave birth to Cyber divisions as an org to build a community locally, provide free online safety and awareness programs to both schools and charity organizations that do not have a budget for such programs. We’re also flexible and have pivoted to solving some of the urgent problems local communities face in education and the African girl child.

Sponsor an online safety and awareness mission

This project is specifically dedicated to online safety where we teach students better practices. 80 percent of students own emails and social media accounts and use Internet for their research, which make them vulnerable to attacks. This project has helped equip students with the knowledge and skills to practice healthy browsing hence eliminating the threats.

Sponsor an infosec meetup

These meet ups bring together InfoSec enthusiasts that want to take InfoSec to another level, they are more technical than other projects this is where professionals and skilled folks pass on their knowledge set to the attendants. We have seen the growth of these meet ups and the impact is felt with in the community

Sponsor the girl's Tech inclusion project

This project is dedicated to empowering the girl child these girls come from vulnerable backgrounds of which some have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS this workshop ignites the girls to writing there first project. They are empowered by to take on roles and careers in information technology to help them change their world.

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