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There is a lack of skills among Internet users to protect themselves from rapidly rising cyber-threats. Just like in other developing countries, many African Internet users are inexperienced and not technically savvy. A high proportion of them is getting computers and connecting to the Internet for the first time which poses real dangers. We’re trying to solve this problem by educating and creating awareness of online safety, security, and privacy.


Billions lost annually by African economies


Related botnets


Million malware incidents


Million related spam emails

Delivering security and privacy education to defenseless communities.

I am so glad for having attended one of the security and privacy education programs, it was eye-opening for me to get to know how so much goes on in the background while we use our phones and computers online, I am no longer taking anything for granted about my privacy and security online, how I wish everyone gets a chance to learn what I’ve learned.

Seme Lubari- South Sudanese refugee

what we do!

Thousands of Africans connect online for their first time each day. Hackers and scammers are happy about it because when people acquire their devices and connect online no precaution is taken to help these users learn the best practices on security and privacy. 

The defended future is a project by cyber divisions that is dedicated to spearheading conversations on security, online safety, and privacy, the project involves discussions with leaders in government, industry leaders in cybersecurity, and individuals around the world.

Security and privacy awareness

We reach out to communities to create awareness and teach them better practices. This has helped equip communities with the knowledge and skills to practice healthy browsing hence eliminating the threats.

CyberLearning spaces

The continent faces a severe shortage of cybersecurity manpower. It is estimated that Africa will have a shortage of 100,000 cybersecurity personnel by 2022. African economies have faced economic and institutional barriers in developing manpower. Most of these countries are facing a dilemma to take measures to address the problem. As cyber… 

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