Working towards achieving a Defended future for Africa

The Defended Future

As Africa recovers from it’s epidemics of civil wars, Disease and poverty one question remains an answered,”what has been done to protect the infrastructure Africa has so far achieved?”Cyber Divisions through this global campaign aims to create a defended and secure future for Africa in the cyber space.visit the defended future page to learn more

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Africa's critical infrastructure at Risk

Health care
IT & Communications

To secure the future, we start today

Africa’s growth and development is being driven my Science and Technology that’s why We chose to start today and wait no more in preparing the next generation for the most challenging threats that Africa will face in the cyber space.

Radical and Unconventional Education Model

Radicalizing information security education is one approach we have chosen as way of attracting youth and be able to maintain there interest in cyber security education. we believe that learning should be fun.

Cyber-security strategies can't succeed without breaking the barriers that face cyber-security education. Benjamin Ngobi

Cyber Talk Spaces

powering up information security learning communities across Africa to make resources Accessible.check out the cyber talk space project.

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Division X Con

The conference is Africa’s series of security events that brings together leaders, students & information security professionals.

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InfoSec Awareness

Spreading Information Security awareness, online safety and privacy programmes to build cyber aware communities through out Africa.

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Lets talk Bridging the information security gap
Let's create possibilities for Africa's talented youths .


Empowering a network of information security learning communities across Africa while connect them to resources.
check out the Cyber Talk spaces project

We sow seeds that will develop,
Into the cyber security workforce Africa needs.


million malware in wild


Ransomware attacks


Million Workforce shortage


Connected Africans

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Sponsoring Partnership

Support our cause to make a difference in the lives of Aspiring Cyber defenders in African Communities.

Donate for a cause

Help us bring opportunities to an aspiring generation of cyber defenders in Africa by supporting our causes.

Join the community

Let your friends/peers/community/family know about this effort and how they can be of good help or join our social media community to keep up-to date.


Take part in the conference to share your knowledge/experience and perspective in different topics of cyber security. you can be start a cyber talk space in your area.